WASD/Left Stick - Move
QE/Triggers - Move Up/Down
Mouse/Right Stick - Look
Left Shift/B - Speed Up

Left Mouse Button/A - Make connection/Kill Virus
Right Mouse Button/X - Create Connection/Virus Helper

Welcome to your brain. It's a hostile work environment, and not for the weak of heart. Your job is to fight back viruses and help build connections to be the best.

If you mess up a single brain. YOU WILL BE FIRED.

Don't do that, Black Matter needs you.


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Actually pretty fun once I figured out what I was doing. The music jams and perfectly conveys the urgency.

I think it needs to explain its mechanics better. What do the blue neurons mean? Why do some white ones have blue numbers? How do I know how many connections a neuron needs to turn blue or green? How do I know what neuron I'm connecting from? Also some feedback for when clicking on a neuron works or not and for whether you are hurting the virus or clicking from too far away.

Anyway I enjoyed it and I'll wait for a potential update before voting. :D

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Thank you very much for your feedback! My intention is to go for as self explanatory as possible, but of course things will get lost in translation. I'll do my best to add some changes and find better ways to explain things before the jam is over.

Thanks again!