Thwart the evil forces of the Star God while surviving on the planet Kelt-9.

Kelt-9: The Star God is a top down shooter with unique mechanics based around heat. Avoid being in the sun to longer to die. Avoid the Star God's minions to keep from dying. Explore a uniquely created map with opportunities to catch some shade.

Story (Largely unimplemented):

You are the last human on Kelt-9 a normally vibrant human settlement planet. I huge cataclysmic event swapped stars with another system causing space time to warp an ancient creature awakened to destroy human kind. You must survive on a hostile planet while during the day the star god sends heat rays down to kill you. During the night you must survive through constant minions and call rescue to come save you.

This is an early prototype created for the WGJ-225. There isn't a whole lot of gameplay but the idea is there and the mechanic could be really neat if fleshed out.

I was super ambitious with the map, (as per the usual) so feel free to explore, but there is really not that much to do.


WASD - move

Mouse - point to shoot

Shift - Run

The HUD is currently pretty simple, but there is a health bar (red), heat indicator (yellow), and stamina (green). Avoid having your health and heat indicators deplete, this will kill you!

Rated 1.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorNocturnal Wisp
GenreShooter, Action
TagsTop-Down, Top down shooter, Unity


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Quite an inetersting game but there are many things this game needs to be improved upon to make it super enjoyable to play.

  • The controls could be improved. For some reason, currently, it's very jerky at some point in time.
  • There is no visual representation of the bullet, so, it's quite difficult and weird to know where exactly am shooting.
  • Adding on sounds could change the feel of this game.
  • The velocity of the enemies should be more to make it action-packed.
  • Rest you can figure out yourself and scale this game up to make it completely polished and professional. 

Great feedback, thank you! I've actually just updated it so the enemies can shoot back. I'm not sure if I will continue working on it now. But again, the feedback is much appreciated!

That's great!