A downloadable Bunny Murderer for Windows


This game only supports controllers. 1-4 players (4 players recommended)

This is more of a proof of concept to show that I can flesh out a short game and publish it. The mechanics are simple and based off the old arcade game Joust.

**Good Stuff**

Smash other bunnies in this exciting game of getting on top. Don't let yourself get turned into an egg, you'll be vulnerable to being eaten!


- Cute Bunnies

- Walking Eggs

- Challenging Attack Strategies

- Leader board

- Cute Bunnies (But you know, Jet packs)

Install instructions

Extract the zip file, run the exe and enjoy with 4 friends.

*Requires 1 controller per player.


MurderBunniesV1.0Windows.zip 23 MB


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Will be giving this a shot soon! Given we’re all stuck inside this is exactly what I was looking for.

Awesome 😊