A game made for the #WeeklyGameJam for week 29 (Tubes).

This is a small yet addicting game where the goal is to keep your space ship alive as long as possible. 

You have to navigate through a spacious tube(pipe) and bypass objects like crates, spikes, and even hammers! Keep in mind this game was made in 3 days so don't judge! ;p

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It seems that I don't lose as I crash the spikes?

There is a bug that if you are going fast enough the spikes don't have time to respond.

ah I see

For some reason I had to reload the game, It wasn't starting. It takes too long to start going. I like how the jets are sync with the music. The cover art reminds me of skyroads.

A cool effect suggestion:

Have the background rotate as well, this will give the feeling of the ship actually moving around in the pipe. 

Awesome thanks for the feedback, will do