A downloadable sneke for Windows

Created for WJG 198 - Descent using Unreal Engine by Thomas Helm aka Nocturnal Wisp.

You are a warrior with a destiny, fight your way through snakes or die falling from the crumbling ancient ruins. Your choices are yours, but be warned: there is always death! Also, yeah... you can't die or exit the game without alt + F4 so enjoy lol.

This game jam was a lot of fun and I really hope to get back to the project to add more mechanics, enemies, items, rogue-like elements and convert all the core functionality to C++ (And make it not code trash). Unfortunately, I didn't have much time during this week long game jam so it's quite unfinished and has lots of collision issues, blueprint messes, and bugs galore. The idea is there, and I hope you like it!!

Controls are:
WASD = Move
R = Restart
. = Pick up Item
, = Use Item

The plan was to have many items and various other mechanics to help elevate the game. I like having goofy looking 3D models and animations as well as a silly texture style. Let me know if you like the idea and the implementation of this small prototype so far.


SnakesNPits.zip 125 MB

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